About us

Trusko has the best team of professionals certified in high quality wooden structures for open web joist and roof truss for residential or commercial buildings. Trusko is also a distributor of the best wooden beams and columns on the market.

Being aware that the construction of houses or commercial buildings is a dream project, Trusko devotes attention and care in order to make this experience simple, fun and even relaxing for you.

Located in northeastern New Brunswick, the Trusko enterprise, that is constantly growing, provides delivery services throughout the province as well as in eastern Quebec. In addition to engineering sheets, a detailed, clear and accurate installation plan is included with the products delivered.

Leading the way in New Brunswick, the Trusko team offers impeccable service. Trusko is always right by your side to meet your needs, answer your questions or address your concerns before, during or after the installation process.

"Surrounded by well-intentioned employees, I guarantee you that we will deliver on our promises. It is this pledge that allows us to build our trustworthy reputation together. We are proud of our accomplishments, and it is with pleasure and dedication that we will invest in your project."
- Ewan Butler, President Trusko Inc.